The Art of Middle Eastern Dance. Belly dance shows in New York and Long Island ; Belly Dance Classes in Long Island

Tais has been performing and studying various dance forms since early childhood.

But when  she witnessed a Middle Eastern dance (or Belly Dance) performance for the first time it left her with an indelible impression and desire to learn this ancient art. She was tantalized by its lively flirtatiousness and poetry which allows the modern woman  to appreciate her feminine nature. Shortly thereafter, Tais started her training in Middle Eastern dance .

She has studied and continues to take classes and workshops with some of the world’s most renowned and revered artists including Ranya Renee, Randa Kamel, Dina, Dandash, Aida Nour, Yousry Sharif, Tito, Dr Mo Geddawi,  Jilina and others.

She’s especially grateful to Amara Al Amir , who taught Belly Dancing  in Long Island, New York,  for introducing her to the Egyptian style.  Amara is an invaluable treasure of information who shares her experience with passion and attention to detail. In addition to fine technique, she  introduces her students to the history of Middle Eastern dance,  music, stage presence, costuming and many other things which all help to create an accomplished dancer. Most importantly, Amara has a unique gift of enabling her students to fall in love with this beautiful art form. She was truly one of the best belly dance teachers in Long Island . Now  she resides in North Carolina, were she’s very active in belly dance community.

Tais believes a well rounded dancer must keep an open mind toward new ideas and techniques. She gathers the best elements of various styles to weave her own unique interpretation of belly dance exemplifying the true artist within.

Her rich dance background and training as a classical artist allow Tais to intrigue audiences with vivid performances, distinguished by fluidity of movement, elegance, and grace.

Tais is confident, that Belly Dancing can help to fulfill a woman by providing what is missing in her life. The art of Middle Eastern dance is a means by which the individual woman can accomplish any dream or desire, helping women take care of their bodies as well as their spiritual and emotional selves. It allows the individual to find herself and grow without boundaries.

Currently Tais is based in Long Island, were she teaches weekly Belly Dance Classes. She mostly performs in New York, Long Island  and Brooklyn.